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Criminal record check process: How does ANZ compare to the US

A recent report into the background screening industry in the US demonstrates significant differences in industry processes compared to the Australian and New Zealand standards. CVCheck’s General Counsel, Craig Sharp, summarises the key points of his research.

CVCheck integrates with SmartRecruiters

At CVCheck, we’re committed to provide great experience to our clients and make our service available and accessible via multiple platforms. We do this via integrating with intelligent and secure systems we know our clients use and value. We’re proud to announce that as of today we are integrated with the enterprise-grade recruitment software, SmartRecruiters.

Why we won’t be offering social media screening… yet

In recent months, both existing and potential clients have asked about our position on social media screening, and whether the company plans to offer the product. After thorough research, consideration and discussions with recruitment leaders, here’s our current position on the topic.

Women’s Health Week: Why wellbeing matters to CVCheck

CVCheck is strongly committed to employee health and wellbeing, so in honour of Women’s Health Week in Australia (2-6 September) we’ve compiled a quick round-up exploring how we, as a company, support each other and our welfare, both individually and as an organisation.

Talent acquisition and recruitment leaders on social media screening: ‘We are wary’

There’s no denying, social media in background screening is currently a hot topic, but do talent acquisition experts think formalising social media screening of job candidates is a good idea? At a recent event for leading Australian recruiters, CVCheck presented on the topic of social media screening. Here, we outline feedback from the experts and reasons why many are cautious.

VIDEO: “What are your top tips for finding ideal candidates?”

Over the last few months we have been out and about, networking and gaining insights from leaders in the Australian recruitment industry. In our new video series, we interviewed leading recruitment experts on best practices for finding ideal candidates. Watch this video for what they had to reveal.

VIDEO: “What’s more important: hiring for culture or experience?”

Last week we started a series of interviews, recorded at a recent RL100 leader’s lunch in Melbourne, organised by The Recruitment Events Co. Australia and New Zealand. Each week, we post a video, seeking recruitment experts’ answer on a hot topic. Check what insights our experts had to reveal this week.

Privacy matters: Why CVCheck prioritises privacy

In support of Privacy Awareness Week 2019 all CVCheck staff were provided with refresher training on privacy on 15 May. Here’s why security is a company cornerstone, and how CVCheck makes privacy a top priority.

Why all Australian companies – not just banking and finance – must take corporate governance seriously

Kenneth Hayne’s final report from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry directs most of its ire at banks and financial services providers. But Alistair McKeough, Principal Solicitor at the Automic Group, believes its recommendations are much more far-reaching. Here he explains why all Australian companies must take the findings of the report seriously.

VIDEO: Risk-based approach to employment screening: Andrew Maffett presents at The Recruitment Events Co. leader’s lunch

If you haven’t adopted a risk-based approach to your recruitment, chances are you haven’t got a clear picture of your candidate, and that makes it difficult to be confident in your hiring decision. Look into these case studies with our Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Maffett, to understand the benefits of risk-based employment screening and how to put this into practice in your workplace.

Meet our CEO: Rod Sherwood

Over the past few months, we’ve been traveling across our NZ, Melbourne and Perth offices to introduce you to the people behind CVCheck. Today on our blog we’re getting you acquainted with our CEO Rod Sherwood.

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