Ensuring your CVCheck certificates are authentic

Ensuring your CVCheck certificates are authentic

Getting background screening as part of a company’s onboarding process is standard practice for many organisations. The degree of verification ranges from simple employment references and police checks right through to role specific checks, such as; VEVO visa/work entitlement, financial checks, traffic, psychometric and many more.

As a HR Manager or employer your job is made easier if a candidate has already taken the time and initiative to get these checks done prior the recruitment process.

It is important however that you verify the authenticity of each check as there have been cases of certificate fraud reported to CVCheck.

For example, candidates may have created a fake certification from scratch to avoid the process or change the results of the certificate to something more favourable, say when criminal results have been returned.

At CVCheck we pride ourselves on providing verified information you can trust, which is why you can carefully and quickly check any of our certificates for authenticity by completing the following steps:

  1. Check that the result certificate includes a unique verification link
  2. Click on the unique verification link
  3. Enter the unique certificate number

Things to look out for when reviewing result certificates:

  1. After clicking the verification link ensure you are taken to a CVCheck page, where the domain name should end with cvcheck.com in the URL address bar
  2. Make sure there’s a CVCheck Ltd security seal next to the browser address bar

  1. Doublecheck all elements of the verified check on screen compared to the PDF/printed one you have been supplied. You can see an example of our police check sample certificate here.

If you receive a CVCheck certificate that differs from the verified version, or you have any other questions about the CVCheck certificate you have received, please contact our team so we can assist you.

Visit our main website to find out how CVCheck's screening services can help.

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