VIDEO: “What are the top risks employees pose to your business?”

At a recent RL100 event in Melbourne, hosted by the Recruitment Events Co., we asked recruitment experts what are the top risks employees pose to their business. Take a look at the insights they reveal.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

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VIDEO: “What are your top tips for finding ideal candidates?”

Over the last few months we have been out and about, networking and gaining insights from leaders in the Australian recruitment industry. In our new video series, we interviewed leading recruitment experts on best practices for finding ideal candidates. Watch this video for what they had to reveal.

VIDEO: “What’s more important: hiring for culture or experience?”

Last week we started a series of interviews, recorded at a recent RL100 leader’s lunch in Melbourne, organised by The Recruitment Events Co. Australia and New Zealand. Each week, we post a video, seeking recruitment experts’ answer on a hot topic. Check what insights our experts had to reveal this week.

The GDPR and its effect on social media screening

Last month we reported on the U.S. Government’s new visa procedure, which demands foreign visitors disclose their social media handles on their application. But not all governments approve of social media screening with the EU clamping down on the practice in recruitment. Here’s why.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

Reference checking can be a legal minefield, so it’s essential you conduct due diligence to protect your company – and yourself. Recruitment expert Rachel Hill and lawyer Craig Sharp explain the legal obligations of reference checking.

4 data-protection tips for all employers

Did you know organisations are potentially liable for data breaches related to the personal information they collect about candidates during recruitment? Here’s why data protection should be a top priority for all employers.

Diversity in the workplace: How taboos block workplace productivity

Sexual orientation and gender identity still seem to be workplace taboos with six out of 10 non-LGBTI workers believing it’s unprofessional to talk about these topics at work. On the International Day Against Homophobia, we explore how companies can create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Privacy matters: Why CVCheck prioritises privacy

In support of Privacy Awareness Week 2019 all CVCheck staff were provided with refresher training on privacy on 15 May. Here’s why security is a company cornerstone, and how CVCheck makes privacy a top priority.

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