VIDEO: “What are the top risks employees pose to your business?”

At a recent RL100 event in Melbourne, hosted by the Recruitment Events Co., we asked recruitment experts what are the top risks employees pose to their business. Take a look at the insights they reveal.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

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4 data-protection tips for all employers

Did you know organisations are potentially liable for data breaches related to the personal information they collect about candidates during recruitment? Here’s why data protection should be a top priority for all employers.

Diversity in the workplace: How taboos block workplace productivity

Sexual orientation and gender identity still seem to be workplace taboos with six out of 10 non-LGBTI workers believing it’s unprofessional to talk about these topics at work. On the International Day Against Homophobia, we explore how companies can create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Privacy matters: Why CVCheck prioritises privacy

In support of Privacy Awareness Week 2019 all CVCheck staff were provided with refresher training on privacy on 15 May. Here’s why security is a company cornerstone, and how CVCheck makes privacy a top priority.

Risk vs reward in recruitment – 3 key risks to limit your exposure

Daniel Chilcott, General Manager of Learning and HR Services at Programmed, has some crucial advice on how companies can manage their risk appetite with new hires. Implementing a standardised approach to screening in your workplace can significantly minimise the risks associated with recruiting.

Reference Checks: What to ask referees?

There’s no point conducting reference checks if you aren’t asking the right questions. We sat down with expert recruiter Tom Watt to find out the common mistakes hiring managers make and the best questions to ask referees.

Beyond the CV: How well do you know your candidate?

Being able to adequately verify a candidate’s professional history is a vital cog in the employment process, but finding the right ‘fit’ takes more than reading their CV. We reveal how to uncover a candidate’s broader character.

What is your company’s reputation worth?

Bad hires can be a serious blow to your corporate brand. Here’s how the right hiring practices can help you avoid poor recruitment decisions and protect your reputation.

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