VIDEO: “What are the top risks employees pose to your business?”

At a recent RL100 event in Melbourne, hosted by the Recruitment Events Co., we asked recruitment experts what are the top risks employees pose to their business. Take a look at the insights they reveal.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

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Why AML checks are essential: PwC’s Peter Forwood explains how to combat risk

Both money laundering and the financing of terrorism have become major concerns to financial institutions all over the world. Even more concerning, nearly half of all global organisations admit to falling victim to fraud or economic crime. Here, Peter Forwood, Partner at PwC Australia, explains how conducting AML checks can quickly expose threats to your company and expose dangerous security gaps.

False credentials and fake job histories: How applicants misrepresent themselves

A 2017 report found a staggering 85% of employers have caught candidates lying on their CVs – a marked rise from 66% in 2012. From lying about qualifications to hiding a criminal background, there are countless ways job seekers falsify their information. We reveal the most common tactics used to dupe employers – and how to spot them.

Why all Australian companies – not just banking and finance – must take corporate governance seriously

Kenneth Hayne’s final report from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry directs most of its ire at banks and financial services providers. But Alistair McKeough, Principal Solicitor at the Automic Group, believes its recommendations are much more far-reaching. Here he explains why all Australian companies must take the findings of the report seriously.

Case Study: Aussie platform GoBlitz offers clients and jobseekers a more secure way to work

The sudden rise of the gig economy has been a major blessing for industries where freelancing and short-term contracts are rife. But along with new avenues for work, it’s also created additional hiring risks for business owners and HR managers. Joel Kleber, Chief Digital Officer at GoBlitz, explains the risks that contractors can pose to both customers and employers, and shares tips on how implementing the proper checks and screening procedures has helped the business rise above its competition.

AI in HR – hype or inevitable reality?

Fast-forward to 2035. CVs are in the history dustbin. Instead, you have a real-time digital snapshot of your career history, which is scanned by a cloud-based resume robot. A microsecond later, you are offered an interview, which is also conducted by AI programs using virtual reality technology. The job offer takes slightly longer to arrive – a few seconds – but it also comes with a personalised onboarding guide, compiled by AI apps. But is it a plausible scenario?

Video Series: Social Media Essentials For Employer Branding

Social media is an efficient and effective channel for employer branding that HR professionals can no longer ignore. In a new series of videos, we look at the Why, What and How of Social Media Essentials for Employer Branding, beginning with the reasons why HR must get social. Check out the first video below.

Career pathing: Where to next for senior HR

In part one of our series on mentoring for HR, we take a look at the career options senior HR professionals can explore once they reach the highest HR position within their organisation. Richard Westney, the HR Man, provides career-pathing advice for those dreaming big.

The benefits of a standardised approach to screening

A standardised approach to employee screening could be anything from a formal written policy to a collection of undocumented ‘standard practices’. We reveal the positive impact such an approach can have on your overall business.

VIDEO: Risk-based approach to employment screening: Andrew Maffett presents at The Recruitment Events Co. leader’s lunch

If you haven’t adopted a risk-based approach to your recruitment, chances are you haven’t got a clear picture of your candidate, and that makes it difficult to be confident in your hiring decision. Look into these case studies with our Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Maffett, to understand the benefits of risk-based employment screening and how to put this into practice in your workplace.

The science of storytelling and HR

If you really want to drive home a point, a compelling story can have a bigger impact than facts and figures alone. It’s all down to what’s happening in the listener’s brain.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Networking

Networking doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Growing your network and building fruitful relationships in an authentic way can fill your professional life with

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