misleading CVs

Video: “What are the red flags when interviewing candidates?”

From a job candidate’s body language to their mismatching cv and online profile, there can be several signs that your interviewee may not be entirely truthful about their work experience in their resume. In the last episode of our interview series this week, recruitment experts uncover some of the biggest red flags during interviewing and share how you can find out whether your interviewee is telling the truth.

Prevention is still better than a cure 

In the 2018 unfair dismissal case brought against Hertz Australia by former employee Charles Tham, the Fair Work Commission sided with the employer. And while the dispute presents an excellent case study for hiring managers, does the commentary in the media around this dispute miss the point?

LinkedIn: 6 ways to get the truth

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for recruiting top talent. But how do you know whether your favourite candidate really completed a 12-week volunteering role in Kenya?

If you’re an HR manager, here are the top six tips to help you determine whether that LinkedIn profile you’re admiring is true.

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