AI in HR – hype or inevitable reality?

Fast-forward to 2035. CVs are in the history dustbin. Instead, you have a real-time digital snapshot of your career history, which is scanned by a cloud-based resume robot. A microsecond later, you are offered an interview, which is also conducted by AI programs using virtual reality technology. The job offer takes slightly longer to arrive – a few seconds – but it also comes with a personalised onboarding guide, compiled by AI apps. But is it a plausible scenario?

CVCheck welcomes Sourcr as a new partner

At CVCheck we’re always looking for ways to make our client’s hiring process as easy and quick as possible, which is why we have formed a new partnership with Sourcr. About Sourcr  Sourcr helps companies hire faster, with an average of 24 days from listing to hire. An AI enabled platform Sourcr connects businesses with pre-vetted, high-end specialist recruiters with a track record in …

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Infographic: Organisational Fraud In Australia

Has your company fallen foul of organisational fraud? If so, you’re in the majority. More than half of all Australian organisations reported corporate crime in 2017 and most was perpetrated by business ‘insiders’. Here’s an overview of the country’s economic criminal activity.

Prevention is still better than a cure 

In the 2018 unfair dismissal case brought against Hertz Australia by former employee Charles Tham, the Fair Work Commission sided with the employer. And while the dispute presents an excellent case study for hiring managers, does the commentary in the media around this dispute miss the point?

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