Why you need a standard for employee screening

Between 20% to 30% of job applications contain some form of false information according to a recent report of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). For hiring managers, a compliance framework for screening employees should be a crucial component of the recruitment process.

eBook: A guide to police checks for employers

A National Police Check (NPC) will not only ensure you hire the best person for the job, it’ll also help create a safer working environment, protect existing staff and safeguard your property and your organisation’s reputation. This eBook helps hiring managers understand how to incorporate NPCs into their recruitment process.

The 5 most valuable lessons from the Theriault Case

Last week, news reports emerged of the case against Veronica Theriault, who was recruited to a senior SA government role last May. Theriault has since been sacked from the position and now faces a string of charges, including CV fraud.
In this article,, we look briefly at the case alleged by the prosecution and identify the key lessons for employers.

Ensuring your CVCheck certificates are authentic

Getting background screening as part of a company’s onboarding process is standard practice for many organisations. The degree of verification ranges from simple employment references and police checks right through to role specific checks, such as; VEVO visa/work entitlement, financial checks, traffic, psychometric and many more. As a HR Manager or employer your job is …

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Hiring for New Zealand’s strongest growth industries

Hiring managers in New Zealand are facing challenging times, with a growing number of jobs to fill and the unemployment rate continuing to drop. In a competitive job market it may be tempting to rush to fill a role, but it’s vital you still protect yourself and your business. Here are some specific ways to help you make the right hire in this market.

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