How to upskill without the student loan

How to upskill without the student loan

No matter what industry you work in, education is a lifelong journey if you want to find success. Upskilling can be an effective way to gain a competitive edge when you’re looking to secure a new role, be given a promotion or expand your knowledge into new areas. Unfortunately, there are huge loans associated with universities, and hefty price tags even on short courses, but you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an almost endless amount of reputable courses available online for free or under $100. Though there’s no replacement for formal education, here are some ways to upskill without getting yourself into debt.


Becoming bilingual is a sure way to stand out from other applicants for international roles. The Duolingo website and app is the world’s most popular way to learn a language. It’s 100% free, and the experience is fun and science-based, making it easy for you to learn.


Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is a website offering high-quality free courses from the world’s best universities and institutions. Most courses are free, and you have the option to pay a small fee for an accreditation upon completion.


Established in 2004 with the vision to provide an extensive library of books in digital format for free on the Internet. Over a decade later 100,000,000 books have been downloaded, from ManyBooks’ library of more than 33,000 free eBooks. You can even download a title from their business section straight to your Kindle.


There are over 2000 courses from schools like Stanford and Yale by top instructors with no application required. Build your skills in data science, computer science, and more. Courses tend to be 6-8 weeks and cost around $29-$99, which includes recorded video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums.


Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. You can master new skills in one of their 45,000 courses in business, IT, personal development, design, marketing, music, health and more

We hope you enjoy learning something new for your profession or personal life through one of these affordable channels.

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