VIDEO: “What are the top risks employees pose to your business?”

At a recent RL100 event in Melbourne, hosted by the Recruitment Events Co., we asked recruitment experts what are the top risks employees pose to their business. Take a look at the insights they reveal.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

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12 months of the TSS visa at a glance

With most of our major economies facing a workforce crisis by 2030, the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa program is helping to plug the labour gap in the Australian market. Since it was introduced last year, there are more temporary visa holders than ever Down Under – in fact it’s the seventh most popular destination for travelling talent. Here’s what else is happening in the Australian TSS visa landscape one year in.

How can talent rediscovery improve your recruiting

Talent rediscovery software use AI technology to quickly and accurately screen previous job applicants for open roles, saving recruiters both time and money, while increasing candidate engagement and experience.

How HR analytics can help find the right hire

Business-critical data is growing at a rapid pace, and organisations leveraging that data in their workplace decision-making hire better, faster and more efficiently. But what data can help and how to use it?

UK exam board put to test and failed

Popular British daily newspaper, The Daily Mail, has gone undercover to bust one of the country’s leading exam boards for dodgy hiring. Here’s how it all went down, and the simple steps the company could have taken to keep its reputation – and people – safe.

Why we won’t be offering social media screening… yet

In recent months, both existing and potential clients have asked about our position on social media screening, and whether the company plans to offer the product. After thorough research, consideration and discussions with recruitment leaders, here’s our current position on the topic.

Women’s Health Week: Why wellbeing matters to CVCheck

CVCheck is strongly committed to employee health and wellbeing, so in honour of Women’s Health Week in Australia (2-6 September) we’ve compiled a quick round-up exploring how we, as a company, support each other and our welfare, both individually and as an organisation.

More people on temporary visas is a wake-up call for employers

More people on more short-term visa types means greater difficulty managing your business’s compliance obligations. We take a look at how the temporary visa landscape has changed over the past year since the 457 Visa was abolished in Australia.

Video: “What are the red flags when interviewing candidates?”

From a job candidate’s body language to their mismatching cv and online profile, there can be several signs that your interviewee may not be entirely truthful about their work experience in their resume. In the last episode of our interview series this week, recruitment experts uncover some of the biggest red flags during interviewing and share how you can find out whether your interviewee is telling the truth.

5 ways modern resumes are changing – for the better

The traditional resume is becoming a thing of the past – but how will the resume of the future perform? Hiring expert Rachel Hill explains how modern CVs are more about credentials, skills and screening, rather than a basic job-history outline.

Why women mentoring women is a winning business strategy

Women mentoring women is an invaluable step towards gender diversity and equality in the workplace, and it’s a boost for business too. Here’s how it builds a sustainable female pipeline for leadership positions, and what that can do for your bottom line.

Talent acquisition and recruitment leaders on social media screening: ‘We are wary’

There’s no denying, social media in background screening is currently a hot topic, but do talent acquisition experts think formalising social media screening of job candidates is a good idea? At a recent event for leading Australian recruiters, CVCheck presented on the topic of social media screening. Here, we outline feedback from the experts and reasons why many are cautious.

VIDEO: “What are your top tips for finding ideal candidates?”

Over the last few months we have been out and about, networking and gaining insights from leaders in the Australian recruitment industry. In our new video series, we interviewed leading recruitment experts on best practices for finding ideal candidates. Watch this video for what they had to reveal.

VIDEO: “What’s more important: hiring for culture or experience?”

Last week we started a series of interviews, recorded at a recent RL100 leader’s lunch in Melbourne, organised by The Recruitment Events Co. Australia and New Zealand. Each week, we post a video, seeking recruitment experts’ answer on a hot topic. Check what insights our experts had to reveal this week.

The GDPR and its effect on social media screening

Last month we reported on the U.S. Government’s new visa procedure, which demands foreign visitors disclose their social media handles on their application. But not all governments approve of social media screening with the EU clamping down on the practice in recruitment. Here’s why.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

Reference checking can be a legal minefield, so it’s essential you conduct due diligence to protect your company – and yourself. Recruitment expert Rachel Hill and lawyer Craig Sharp explain the legal obligations of reference checking.

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