Month: September 2018

Prevention is still better than a cure 

In the 2018 unfair dismissal case brought against Hertz Australia by former employee Charles Tham, the Fair Work Commission sided with the employer. And while the dispute presents an excellent case study for hiring managers, does the commentary in the media around this dispute miss the point?

How to choose the perfect reference check for your candidate

We’ve recently created two new types of Employment Reference Checks. You can now choose between our Streamlined and Verified references. So, what’s the best choice for your candidate today? In this post, we give you a rundown of our two new checks. We explain how to weigh up your requirements and decide which check is best …

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National Police Check vs. Australian Federal Police check

You need to get a police check, but you’re not sure whether you need a National Police Check or a Federal Police Check. In most instances (such as employment), you will only need to obtain a National Police Check. Below we break down exactly what each check is and what they’re used for, so you can get a quick overview of which check you need.

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