VIDEO: “What are the top risks employees pose to your business?”

At a recent RL100 event in Melbourne, hosted by the Recruitment Events Co., we asked recruitment experts what are the top risks employees pose to their business. Take a look at the insights they reveal.

Questions you should never ask in a reference check

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Getting fired: what are your rights?

Is your job on the chopping block? Getting fired is never great. Even if you’re glad to be moving on to a new opportunity, it’s good to know your rights.

Predict a candidate’s future performance: harnessing the power of data

Finding the right staff for your business is one of the most important, and one of the most difficult, things to do well. How much better would you feel knowing that you could predict which candidates are a great fit for each role? Now you can, thanks to the latest advances in behavioural psychology.

eBook: Moving to Australia

Australia is home to five of the top 20 most liveable cities in the world. This makes it an appealing destination to people from all around the world. So what do you need to know if you’ve just moved here?

Reference checks by the numbers

Hiring the wrong person can not only cost time and money, you might end up with a far more serious situation than you anticipated. Check out the stats before you recruit next.

How to write a winning resume

You may only have seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume. In some cases, your application will also be screened by a computer. What can you do to get your resume noticed?

LinkedIn: 6 ways to get the truth

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for recruiting top talent. But how do you know whether your favourite candidate really completed a 12-week volunteering role in Kenya?

If you’re an HR manager, here are the top six tips to help you determine whether that LinkedIn profile you’re admiring is true.

Working with Children in New Zealand: What you need to know

From July 2015 all paid employees and contractors who work with children for state-funded organisations in New Zealand are required to be safety checked under The Vulnerable Children Act 2014. All existing non-core children’s workers must be safety checked by 1 July 2019.

eBook: The cost of a bad hire

Ever hired the wrong person for the job? You’re not alone. Around 95% of organisations admit they make bad hires each year, but what’s the real cost of a bad hire to your business?

How technology is changing HR

It’s taken it’s time but now big data has its sights set on HR, disrupting recruitment processes for the better.

HUGO BOSS: Finding the right fit

As one of the most recognisable fashion houses in the world, HUGO BOSS knows its two greatest assets are luxurious merchandise and the talented staff who sell it. 

Moving overseas? Here’s how to find a new home

Heading overseas to live, work or play? Great. You’re going to need to find somewhere to call home. As a foreigner, that can be hard work. Here’s how to create a successful rental application.

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